Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Digital Signage & LCD enclosures - understanding the relationship.

As soon as digital signage solutions were installed outdoors, there was an immediate requirement for some sort of protection. As you can appreciate the delicate nature of an LCD display is not designed for outdoor use without some sort of protection.

This is were the LCD enclosure was born, as more companies realised that OOH advertising (Out Of Home) would increase brand awareness and therefore improve sales for the brand.

The outdoor digital signage enclosure protects from anyone vandalising the signage hardware when placed in un-manned areas. It also protects from dust and fluid, so it is ideal for outdoor use, protecting the internal hardware from rain, snow and sleet. The special viewing window also allows for the unit to be located in direct sunlight and the display can still be seen.

Can you imagine what would happen if you did not put the digital signage hardware into an LCD enclosure? How many times will you have to return to site to "check" if everything is OK? What would the costs be?