Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Gas Pump Enclosures For Digital Signage At Gas Stations

With digital signage being at the front of the advertising industry, the natural move for the signage industry it branch into to the gas pump digital signage industry, we are seeing digital networks with up to 1,000 gas stations deploying pump top signs, also called gas pump toppers.

Studies have revealed that 89% intend to watch or listen to gas station television stations upon their next visit to the gas station. Gas station TV is grabbing the mobile consumer's attention by delivering engaging, entertaining and informative content through 20 inch LCD displays that are housed in a dual LCD enclosure on top of the gas pumps.

Here are some of the technologies to look out for:

Day parting - This allows fuel retailers to offer specific promotions at different times of the day. For example a display could promote a coffee drink during the morning drive time hours, then automatically switch to a soda drink for lunch.

Dispensing - This is when a fuel retailer targets a specific audience, for example diesel users could be targeted with relevant products for their diesel vehicle.

All this makes the gas station an extension of the shopping mall, consumers are used to receiving marketing messages in shopping malls and the more technologically savvy consumers will frequent the locations that engage them, this is good for the gas stations that are deploying topper digital signs.

Technology is so advanced, digital signage is one of the fast growing industries that has not suffered in the recent economic slow down, the problem is how do we keep in front with the technology?

LCD Enclosure Global are the worlds largest manufacturer of outdoor TV enclosures, they have recently launched a gas pump enclosure that accommodate 2 displays back to back along with 2 media players or thin client computers.