Monday, 16 February 2009

Dentist Feels The Rewards From Outdoor Digital Signage.

During a recent visit to the dentist, I noticed in the waiting room was littered with plain printed posters trying desperately to up sell their dental hygiene products, this was a change since my last visit when the practice had just been re-decorated and our dentist told us that they wouldn't be putting anything on the walls...

Now 6 months on and in the height of a full blown recession, it appears that the dentist is trying to do almost anything to get more revenue into the practice.

So as he was probing my mouth with various weapons of pain, I mentioned the idea of a digital signage poster, once he had finished my dental inspection, he asked me to wait as he wanted to now more about this "digital thingy".

I explained that you created the advertisements on the computer, then drag and drop the media on to a standard memory card and insert the card into the digital poster, then the ads run, you can have up to 12 ads on a single memory card promoting 12 hygiene products. His first response was, "I bet that's expensive?" However after I explained that the ads could be new ones every month for a cost of £40 per month he was more than interested.

The first digital signage poster was supplied complete with the media content for January 09, by the end of January the digital poster had paid for itself in only 3 weeks.

We then got a call asking for an outdoor signage solution, which we provided. We installed a 42" LCD Samsung TV in our LCD enclosure, along with a mini computer to run the media, this was located at the entrance steps to the practice, so the enclosure was exposed to rain, snow and direct sunlight.

The practice is making more add on sales using digital content in 1 month, than it did in 6 months of traditional printed media.