Wednesday, 11 March 2009

How to create a simple digital signage advertisement.

With the inevitable growth of the technology market, digital advertising is one of the fastest growing industries, with digital signage not being limited to indoor locations; you now see digital dynamic advertising outdoors, too.

Now there are several ways to display digital dynamic advertising and they are;

1. A single large advertisement filling the LCD screen
2. Multiple ads on screen simultaneously

Now the latter is the best for instant impact in digital signage, however with both solutions you can add RSS feeds for news channels or even live TV!

There are 2 simple ways to create media content, the first is using a digital signage poster, these are a small version of an LCD display, normally around 19 inches wide x 26 inches long and they have the facility to take a memory card, so it’s a case of drag and drop images of your products on to the memory card and insert the memory card into the poster, then hang the poster so customers can see it and see the increase in up sales!

The second way to create simple media content is to create a Powerpoint presentation for your product or service and then import that into the media software, this could be used on a digital signage network and this will allow you to get your loops (adverts) out to the entire network either locally or globally.

Once the content is created, you then select the locations in the digital signage network, load up the content you have created, create the loops (adverts you want to display), then schedule the loops throughout the network to displayed at the required time of day for maximum impact.

It would be little point advertising a restaurant directly after dinner time, however catch the eyes of hungry shoppers and the restaurant will fill quickly over the diner time period, now that is effective digital advertising!

If however you feel creating media content is laborious, you can outsource the media creation to us, as we charge as little at £49 per month. Or alternatively, contact our digital content creation team.