Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Digital Signage – Getting the content right

A BBQ restaurant that started in Pakistan in 1988 had a seating capacity for 150 guests, now due to its unique way it promotes its quality food, it is widely known in Karachi City and the restaurant now has a seating capacity for 1,500 guests!

The reason for this unprecedented growth is the restaurants extremely high reputation for quality food as well as providing a modern eating experience.

Prior to them installing digital signage, they experimented by installing LCD displays that run local cable television channels, unfortunately patrons were not impressed with the content and the deployment failed.

They analysed were the project failed and began to design an outdoor digital network, with the two prime aims:

1. To make it entertaining for the patrons
2. To generate revenue from brand advertising and inform patrons of the restaurants products and services.

The digital signage featured; featured dishes of the day, restaurant promotions, local news and weather an the restaurant services such as event catering and home delivery.

Learning from their initial mistakes, their planning paid off as the digital displays are located in the most perfect locations.

The first screen you see is above the desk when you go to check in for your table, this featured local news and the menu promotions for that day, this makes the waiting time seem less than it actually is, until they are seated.

The restaurant have been monitoring the revenue increase since the installation of the 20 digital signs and have noted an increase of 17.3% on promoted products to date.

The restaurant has tremendous potential with over 75,000 visitors per month used one of the most effective out of home, captive audience experiences available, proving that any restaurant or business can use digital signage, providing it is the right configuration.

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